Night and Day


Mixed media sketch: pencil, pastel, charcoal and acrylics.

740mm W x 590mm H.

Autumn was written as an ode to poet Dylan Thomas. It tells the story of Hydref who struggles through life (seasons), but constantly rebirths herself to start the journey once again.

Shipping size incl packaging

Height (CM) = 89

Width / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 74

Depth / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 17

Weight = 7kg

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Crisscrossing  midnight grey lines

seams  coming apart

in little black eruptions;

shuddering breaths,

a vast beast

dying in agony


The sea gleams phosphorescent silver

lit by a moon in cloudless sky;

a soft dying light

ripples across the water

under blinking evening stars


A warm, wet breeze

leaks little threads of mist

out of hellish cracks;

watery lines of yellow appear

under scudding silver clouds


Choreographed by the breeze

those born of wing meanders,

in vivid relief against the grey,

the aura-like glow of day