Despair to Repair


Mixed media sketch in graphite, pencil and pastel. 740W x 590H.

This piece was completed during our first 21 days of lockdown in 2020. It was written as a promise of Hope to us all. It speaks of togetherness as a nation and being one in adverse situations.

Height (CM) = 74

Width / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 89

Depth / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 17

Weight = 7kg

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‘On the brink of despair
Horizons are dull
Fear clinch the air
Thunder the lull

The path laid before
Uncertain as none
The distance the shore
Breached at the core

Together as one
We stand on the brink
Encounter despair
On route to repair

Rise to the challenge
I ask you today
Defeating this chalice
We’ll do in our sway’

VaL Smit ©

Published: The West Review Fall 2020